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I have collaborated with Mr Alexandru Andronic regarding the rental of an apartment and I may say the following: He is an honest person, competent, with real estate experience and a good professional reputation. Throughout our collaboration he had a professional approach and he took into consideration the client's needs regarding the tenant's profile and their reputation. I could notice that he is allways motivated, willing to make efforts, willing to discuss with the clients anytime. He is well balanced, patient and persevering in the reach of the client's goal. Also, I may say that the commission he charges is fair in relation with the results obtained, that for me have been more than satisfying.
Stere Farmache,
Thank you Alexandru Andronic for the excelent services
Bogdan Bilaus, happy client
I’m glad to recommend Mister Alexandru Andronic, senior broker “ZonadeNord” Company. Mr. Andronic’s main responsibilities lay in the implementation project for rental or selling an apartment in difficult condition — faster as possible, with out me as owner in country, working only through non-direct communication methods as e-mail / scan contracts between all stakeholders groups. These responsibilities included amongst others: - Support of communication process between possible tenants - Self-dependent processing of income dates - Negotiations keeping the win-win methodology - Fast decision taken and analytical thinking for next steps - Full responsibility for content of evaluation & communication with client - Independent development of contracting documentation Mr. Andronic also made a major contribution to promote the objective, by take at the first meeting professional pictures which will in the future ensure fast track visibility of the apartment in scope. After a short time in contact, the sentiment of trust was already proved and could be used in all areas of communication or contractual decisions. Mr. Andronic was always highly motivated and pursued quite persistent on set and self-set goals. He is an ambitious in the positive sense. I got to know him professional, characterized by a constructive attitude, coupled with criti cal expertise and excellent analytical skills. Mr. Andronic plans his work in a clear and well thought out manner and permanently achieved optimal solutions. Notable was the goal-oriented care with which he always efficiently executed his tasks. He stuck with predeter mined objectives, his estimations regarding time and costs were always real istic and reliable. He is capable to develop and implement rapidly and surely new and better solutions. Mr. Andronic exceeded the requirements of my request and my expectations to a very high degree. His behavior contributed in a large extent to a harmo nious working atmosphere: always polite, and every time with a smile. I was satisfied with all his services. In my opinion he was the best solution I have taken for this project out of many in the last years. I wish him the best for the future. Sincerely, Valentin Pica Senior Expert Staffing & Skill Pool Manager OMv Aktiengesellschaft
Valentin Pică, Senior Expert Staffing & Skill Pool Manager
I wish to thank Mr. Alexandru Andronic for the professionalism and the readiness he proved. With his help we have managed to find the perfect house for us in just 2 days. I recommend him with all my pleasure!
Andreea Barcan, Marketing Specialist, Civitas Group
My collaboration with Alexandru from Zona de Nord has been excellent, being based on punctuality, seriousness and detailed presentation of the locations from his portfolio. He has paid attention to my requests and has offered me to see the properties that suited best my requests. I truly recommend for relocation in Bucharest.
Dragoș Ștefănescu, Certified Scrum Master
Hi Alex, I wanted to say thanks once again for helping me to find a really cool place to live in Bucharest. From all the real estate agents that I've met while I was searching for a place to live, you have been the most sociable one and you also have had the best offer! Thanks a lot and hope to work with you again, maybe in the future you'll help me buy a place around here. All the best!
Basasteanu Cosmin, Artist
I confidently recommend Alexandru Andronic. He is a very good professional and an absolutely pleasant person. I communicated very good with him and I appreciate all his efforts to offer me the best variants. I will continue collaborating with him in the future.
Liliana Stanescu, happy client

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